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Completed Programmes

Research Studies on Nepal’s Trade with India and China, SAFTA and SATIS, and Trade Analytical Models

In 2011-2012, SAWTEE conducted three detailed studies on Nepal’s trade with India, China and South Asian countries. The studies were conducted based on secondary information/data as well as primary information/data collected from stakeholders in Kathmandu, Kolkata and major border towns. SAWTEE also conducted an assessment and prepared a report on the various analytical models applicable for Nepal. The major objectives of these studies were to identify the prospects and challenges of Nepal’s trade with the mentioned countries, and provide recommendations to the Government of Nepal. The study on trade analytical models was conducted to identify trade models that would be applicable in the Nepalese context and which could be used for further trade research and analysis. The studies were conducted as part of the Nepal Economic, Agriculture and Trade (NEAT) Activity implemented by Chemonics International and supported by USAID.