Dr. Fahmida Khatun

Executive Director, CPD, Bangladesh

Dr. Khatun is the Research Director at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). She has accomplished Master’s and PhD in economics from the University College London. She has done her post-doctorate from the Earth Institute, Columbia University. She was a Visiting Fellow at the Christian Michelsen Institute, Norway and at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, South Korea.

Prior to joining CPD she worked as a Research Fellow at BIDS; as an Environment Specialist for UNDP; and an Economist for the USAID Mission in Bangladesh. She was a Director of Janata Bank Limited during 2008-2011. She was also a Director of the SME Foundation of Bangladesh during 2010-2013.

Her areas of interest include macroeconomic growth and stability, aid effectiveness, aid for trade, international trade and WTO issues, climate change, green economy, and gender economics. She is a columnist of The Daily Star, a leading daily in Bangladesh.


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