Mr. Asish Subedi

Associate Editor, Trade Insight and Senior Programme Officer, SAWTEE, Kathmandu

Asish Subedi is a Senior Programme Officer at South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been into Development and Policy Research for over eight years now. Much of his research so far revolves around Nepal’s macroeconomic performance and stability and her trade policy. Labour migration being a major driver of macroeconomic stability and social development in Nepal, it has been among the core focus areas for Mr. Subedi. Within Nepal’s trade policy, Mr. Subedi has analysed the potential of regional cooperation and the inherent challenges that inhibit economic integration in South Asia.

Researching around regional cooperation and economic integration in South Asia provides him extensive knowledge of development issues concerning South Asia, particularly the interests of developing and LDC groups in WTO negotiations. Mr. Subedi worked closely with Nepal’s delegation in the Ninth and Tenth Ministerial Conferences of the WTO and has studied and analysed extensively the LDC issues in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Mr. Subedi has published extensively across national and international forums and platforms and teaches Economics to undergraduate students at King’s College, Kathmandu. Mr. Subedi also serves as a member of the Impartiality Committee of the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Meteorology, Government of Nepal.

Mr. Subedi received undergraduate training in Development Studies from Kathmandu University and has an MA in Development Economics from the University of Warsaw, Poland, where he was an Erasmus Mundus Scholar.


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