Mr. Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed

Commissioner General of Customs, Maldives Customs Service, Malé

Mr. Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed currently heads Maldives Customs Service (MCS) as the Commissioner General of Customs. Since he assumed office in April 2016, the focus and speed of work related to trade facilitation and modernization at MCS has gained visible momentum; and have successfully implemented projects such as AsycudaWorld, and a unified communication system with support center service. At MCS his work continues to focus on further simplification, automation and integration of systems to achieve enhanced efficiency in both management and service delivery.
Mr. Mohamed has extensive experience of more than thirty years serving under many capacities in the public sector. He had served in variety of posts in the largest public sector company, State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives, from administrative officer to the post of Senior General Manager. He had played a key role in the renewable energy pilot project conducted by Maldive Gas private limited, where he served in the board as a director for four years. He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fuel Supplies Maldives for seven years beginning from its inception. Among other renowned companies where he was member of the board includes Allied Insurance Company and the largest telecommunication company Dhiraagu, where he served as the Chairman and the public elected director respectively.
In his professional career Mr. Mohamed has worked in areas such finance, sales, export/import, ICT, legal and administrative affairs. In the cooperate side he specializes in the area of good governance and CSR.
Mr. Mohamed has a post graduate diploma in shipping management from Humberside Polytechnic / University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, and Masters of Commerce from Australia specializing in public sector management.


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