Ms. Aisha Niyaz

aishaniyaz consulting, Maldives

Ms. Aisha has technical expertise in sustainable development. She has a Bachelor degree in Environmental Management with specialization in Sustainable Development from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability from the University of South Australia.

With over 15 years of experience across varied development projects in the Maldives, Ms. Aisha has extensive experience working with key stakeholders including the Government of Maldives, the private sector, civil society organizations (CSOs) and UN agencies among others. She collaborates on regional and international initiatives on addressing climate change issues.

Ms. Aisha understands the urgency of tackling climate change and advocates on the issue at local, regional as well as global level. With a firm belief that “every little bit counts”, she has been proactive and dedicates her time to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and youth with the hope of building resilience through education and empowerment. Ms. Aisha runs ‘aishaniyaz consulting’ which advises on sustainable development issues.


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