Prof. Rehman Sobhan

Chairman, CPD, Bangladesh

Professor Sobhan has served as a professor of economics at Dhaka University; Member, Bangladesh Planning Commission; Director General, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS); Visiting Fellow, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford; Member, Advisory Council of the President of Bangladesh; Founder and Executive Chairman, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD); Executive Director, South Asia Centre for Policy Studies (SACEPS); and is currently Chairman, CPD. He has held a number of important professional positions which include President, Bangladesh Economic Association; Member, United Nations Committee for Development Planning; Member, Governing Council of the United Nations University, Tokyo; Member of the Board of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva; Member of the Executive Committee of the International Economic Association.

He has published a large number of books, research monographs and articles published in professional journals, relating to the political economy of development, public enterprise and privatisation, foreign aid, petropolitics, agrarian reform, regional cooperation in South Asia, democracy and governance. His latest works include Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Agendas for Inclusive Development in South Asia, published by Sage in 2010 and his memoir Untranquil Recollections: The Years of Fulfillment, which has just been published by Sage (2015).


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