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Awareness workshop on gender dimensions of trade facilitation in Province 1

SAWTEE, in partnership with Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries-Province 1, organized a workshop with the women entrepreneurs in Biratnagar on 29 December 2020. The objective of the workshop was to help women entrepreneurs engaged in micro and small enterprises understand the tax liabilities, bookkeeping, becoming export-ready and looking for the new markets, among others. FCA Arun Raut, General Secretary, Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal and Mr. Rajan Sharma, former President, Nepal Freight Forwarders Association, provided insights into managing accounts, calculating taxes and becoming credit-worthy and improving product quality and becoming export-ready.  Ms. Durga Bhandari Baral, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Social Development, Province-1 and Ms. Sabita Koirala Poudyal, Micro Entrepreneurship Expert, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment, Province 1, shared information on the facilities and programmes of the province and local level governments for women entrepreneurs and how to accrue those facilities. About 30 entrepreneurs participated in the event.