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SAWTEE co-organized a session “International Support Measures for the Graduating LDCs: Perspectives from South Asia” with Citizen’s Platform for SDGs (CPD), Bangladesh, and Centre for Research on Bhutanese Society, Bhutan at International Institute for Sustainable Development(IISD)’s inaugural Trade and Sustainability Hub on 2nd December 2021.  

Background Note  

The theme of the proposed session is International Support Measures (ISMs) For the Graduating LDCs: Perspectives from South Asia. The theme lies at the intersection of the two overarching issues to be covered by the Trade and Sustainability Hub organized by the IISD. The proposed theme concerns a group of most vulnerable countries which are set to undertake an important transitional journey - graduation from the group of the LDCs (this falls under the broad hub area of inclusion). The proposed session will discuss support measures in the areas of trade and finance in view of the LDC graduation particularly in the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 (this falls under the hub theme of the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on economies).