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SAWTEE organizes panel discussion at Birat Expo

SAWTEE is part of a consortium promoting Birat Expo, an agricultural and industrial international exhibition, organized by the Chamber of Industries Morang in Biratnagar in Province 1 (east Nepal) from 15-21 December 2022. 

SAWTEE organized a panel discussion on “Province 1’s regional connectivity and trade potential” at the Expo on 17 December. Moderated by Dr Paras Kharel, Executive Director, SAWTEE, the panel discussion had Dr Posh Raj Pandey, Chairman, SAWTEE as a keynote speaker, along with three panellists: Mr Rabi Sainju, former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Government of Nepal; Mr Shyam Dahal, Accredited World Customs Organization Customs Modernization Advisor; and Mr Anil Sarada, General Secretary, Morang Merchants’ Association. 

Birat Expo panel discussion image