Research, Capacity Building and Advocacy on Trade (ReCAT)

SAWTEE has implemented a three-year regional project titled “Research, Capacity Building and Advocacy on Trade (ReCAT)” so as to strengthen the capacities of concerned stakeholders to better understand the different trade and development issues concerning bilateral, regional and multilateral trade. The project envisioned to strengthen the capacity of different stakeholders in South Asia to help them use trade as a means to address their development concerns. The major objectives of the project were to: identify South Asian interests and priorities at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels and on issues related to trade and development so as to help governments to implement policies and develop negotiating positions; create and strengthen networks and partnerships between and among different stakeholders and their groups both within and beyond South Asia; strengthen the research and advocacy capacity of stakeholders, including civil society, the private sector and the media; facilitate stakeholders participation in trade negotiation and policy-making processes; and sensitize governments and concerned stakeholders of other WTO members on South Asian perspectives on trade and development issues. The project started was in September 2008 and was supported by Oxfam (Novib), The Netherlands.