COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the economy. But there is still time to save it from total collapse

Dhan Bahadur Shah of Kailali opened an eatery in Kalanki area. But, less than two months after he started the business, the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to close the place in March. 

Shah`s house owner waived the rent of his business outlet for two months, and the landlord reduced the rent by 50 percent to Rs 10,000 a month for the next few months. "But it is still difficult to pay the rent and meet other family expenses when your business is shut down," said Shah, venting out his frustration. 

What has worried Shah is the uncertainty. Once Kathmandu returns to normalcy, he hopes to settle the debt taken to start his business. "It is still uncertain when things will be normal. I will have no other option than selling the restaurant and returning home to Kailali," he further said.

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