Scaling up BIMSTEC in the new era

The 5th BIMSTEC Summit adopted the BIMSTEC Charter for the first time and also highlighted the importance of trade and energy, transport, digital, and people-to-people connectivity. The Summit which involved leaders from South and Southeast Asia is looked as a bigger opportunity to increase integrations and collaborations in Bay of Bengal region.The Summit ended on March 30, at Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Posh Raj Pandey, Chairperson at SAWTEE along with Nihal Pitigala, Senior Fellow at InReach Global; Selim Raihan, Executive Director of SANEM; Ganeshan Wignaraja, Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore; Prabir De, Professor at the ASEAN-India Centre (AIC); Achyut Bhandari, Founder of the Centre for Research on Bhutanese Society in Bhutan and Watcharas Leelawath, Honourary Advisor at Bolliger & Company in Thailand put some views and insights on BIMSTEC potential and further efforts needed to strengthen the integration in the BIMSTEC region in this joint article featured in The Sunday Times. Read More