Capacity building

Recognizing the need to build the capacity of the concerned stakeholders in South Asia so as to better equip them with information and advocacy tools to provide adequate safety nets for the protection of poor, marginalized and vulnerable communities and people through enhanced regional and international cooperation, SAWTEE conducts capacity-building activities at various levels. Training workshops, monthly forums, information dissemination, internship programmes, etc., are the major vehicles through which SAWTEE builds the capacity of its member institutions, network institutions and other NGOs.

Some of the capacity-building efforts of SAWTEE and its member institutions include:

  • Training of South Asian Economic Journalists on WTO issues and subsequent formation of South Asian Centre for Economic Journalists (SACEJ).
  • Training of South Asian researchers on Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling for three consecutive years since 2008.
  • Creating a batch of young WTO practitioners from South Asia, through continuous training to the same group of people for eight years (between 1997 and 2004).
  • Capacity building of Nepali customs officials on Nepal’s obligations under multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements. 
  • Capacity building of Nepal's Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MoCS) on emerging trade issues.
  • Capacity building of Nepali trade negotiators on issues and modalities of negotiations of SAARC Framework Agreement on Services (SAFAS).