Work with SAWTEE

SAWTEE is delighted to announce an exciting fellowship opportunity for economic journalists from various media channels of Nepal. The fellowship program will select four exceptional individuals who will have the opportunity to delve into various aspects of international trade, economics, and gender analysis. This fellowship presents a unique opportunity for economic journalists to deepen their knowledge, expand their network, and contribute to the public’s understanding of critical economic and trade issues.

Whether you’re a TV, newspaper, radio or online reporter covering economic issues, this fellowship is your chance to grow.  As an outcome of this fellowship, we are looking for a long-form article and/or multimedia report that could provide an in-depth exploration of international trade-related issues.

FELLOWSHIP TIMELINE: August 1-September 30, 2023


  1. Submit a one-page pitch of your article or multimedia report.  The pitch should
    • Be related to one of the following topics—Balance of payments and related issues; Trade through gender lens; Nepal’s international trade issues (Nepal-Bangladesh, Nepal-China, Nepal-India, etc.); Nepal’s graduation from the least developed country (LDC) category (especially the implications for specific sectors)

    • Provide an overview of the issue to be covered, rationale for choosing the topic and policy implications

    • Mention the sources of information—data, relevant authorities, experts to be consulted

    • Present a dissemination plan—tentative length of the article (number of words if it is a written article, number of minutes if it is a multimedia piece) and potential outlet(s) for publication
    • Be in either Nepali or English language

        2.  Include links to two of your previous works which you think are your best.

        3.  Your updated resume or CV, including your educational background and relevant work experience.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: 2 years of experience in economic journalism


  • Two months of fellowship (including mentorship, and a stipend of up to a total of NPR 50,000, subject to applicable taxes, depending upon the number and length of articles/pieces and the dissemination plan) to delve into various aspects of international trade and economics.
  • An opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expand your network, and contribute to the public’s understanding of critical economic and trade issues.


Please submit your application via email to no later than July 25, 2023.  SAWTEE will provide guidance to the development of the reports and will not interfere with editorial choices of the selected fellows.

For any further inquiries or clarifications, please contact us at