Mr. Ahmed Imthinan Faroog

Programmer Specialist, Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives

Ahmed Imthinaan Faroog is the lead programmer specialist for developing the Trade Information System of Maldives. He has worked on developing client management systems, which includes the Loan Management System for the Ministry of Economic Development. Previously he has been working with the National Center for Information Technology and worked in the team that developed the E-Government Platform which is currently used by the government of Maldives.

One of his expertise is understanding the trade policies and legislation and how they could be moulded to develop the comprehensive trade portal in Maldives. His projects focus on improving public sector delivery to citizens and businesses and on creating the enabling environment for societal transformation and governance for doing business in Maldives. Imthinaan contributes in research on eGovernment policies, legislation and impact with a special focus on developing the e-platforms in Maldives.

He has a degree in Software Engineering, Bsc (Hons) from Staffordshire University, UK and is currently persuing an MBA from Australian Institute of Business.


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